24 January, 2011

[TRANS] 110122 Homin - Spur Magazine March Issue Interview Part 2

Entirely unique and utterly different from one another, the chemistry between the two has also become part of their appeal.

Yunho: It's not just the voices. There are many more aspects in which we are complete opposites. For example, I'm the type who likes to go out and have fun with my friends whilst Changmin likes to sit back and relax at home. We're very different deep down. My room is incredibly simplistic while the floor in Changmin's room is packed with games and stereo sets… (he's) very practical so he doesn't go out much. Even though we live together, we don't see each other much at home. To me, it feels somewhat lonely.

Changmin: Even though we have separate rooms now, we did use to share a room. We've lived together for 7 years now, it feels good to not have to see one another every now and then (laughs). If we were to live in the same room again? I don't want to (how straightforward). Whenever Yunho is nearby, everything gets messy (laughs).

Yunho: It's true. Back then, I'd toss things everywhere and Changmin would trail behind me tidying it up. We are complete polar opposites in this area.

The two are different even in the way they love.
Changmin: Yunho is very straightforward about his feelings, he's very manly… but slow and a little careless (laughs).

Yunho: That's true! I always forget things and sometimes, even when I'm not doing anything, the things around me topple over. The books on my desk fall off like an iceberg and things get broken quite quickly.

Changmin: He looks like the perfect man on the outside but he's actually very careless. it's probably that difference that attracts women and stimulates them to show their motherly side. Women are all under the impression that they have to do whatever they can to help this man. He's sly (laughs).

Yunho: Changmin pays a lot of attention in everything he does, he's really considerate of others. I like to follow my instincts and let them guide me. Changmin is more attentive of the atmosphere in his surroundings, he's very capable of creating a romantic atmosphere and is always determined to be gentle towards girls that he likes.

Changmin: Even if I forget other people's birthdays, I would always remember the birthday of the person I like, without fail. Even if I forget my own phone number, I would be able to perfectly recite her number. In my heart, the person I like is number one, she holds a special place in my heart.

Yunho: That's amazing! (You) Will be very popuarl!!

In terms of blood type, Yunho is a serious type A whilst Changmin is an insensitive, careless type B. Where expressing their emotions are concerned, Yunho said 'I think I'm a type B and Changmin is a type A'.

Yunho: Basically, I like to hang out with a big group of friends. We go bowling and we go traveling a lot. At times like that, I'd think to myself 'If Changmin were here, he'd be really happy'… but even if I had invited him, he wouldn't have gone.

Changmin: Whenever Yunho is around, everything becomes full of life. I personally don't like crowded places.

Yunho: A while ago, I'd call to tell him I was at the coffee shop and he'd say 'I'll drop by some time' and I'd really look forward to it but then he would call and be like 'Nevermind, not today' and I would get really disappointed. So what I'm really trying to say is come and hang out with me!

Changmin: Aish… I'll think about it (laughs).

When their contrasting personalities clash, they make progress.
Calm, composed Changmin versus the endearing Yunho. The two are clearly charming in different ways!

Changmin: Even though we're different in so many ways, there is a bond between the two of us that keeps our hearts closely linked with one another. In terms of our trust in one another and the things that we cherish… the two of us hold the same values and beliefs.

Yunho: Maybe because of that, Changmin and I don't need much communication between the two of us to understand one another. We don't have to talk to know what the other is thinking.

Since it's become just the two of you, has the other's existence become more important? When they were asked this question, the two simultaneously responded 'well isn't that a given.'

Changmin: From now on, it'll just be the two of us. We want Tohoshinki to evolve so that our music will live on even when we perish. We want more people to remember the quality entertainment that we provide them with.

With a relationship that could only be adequately described as 'fire' and 'water', the two have made great progress as a result of their differences. We look forward to seeing the interaction between this smiling duo in the future.

Credits: MaxBar + HohoBBS + SPUR
Trans by: dorfehh@DBSKnights
Shared by: DBSKnights + c3jj

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