24 January, 2011

[TRANS] 110122 SMART Interview - Tohoshinki’s Fashion


How was the shoot today?

“I haven’t worn these types of suits before, but they are all very individualistic. Normally, I would choose simple suits that accentuate my body, so this feels very fresh. When I saw the Tokyo fashion show for the first time, although I thought that the designs and streaks were inconceivably interesting, I do want to get to know the style and feel of fashion that only Tokyo has. The only thing is that my time in Tokyo is very short, so that might be hard to do.”

Did you buy anything from the Winter catalog?

“In Japan, I bought a long jacket, sweater, boots, and scarves, with the colors revolving around black, gray, and tan. Sometimes they’re asymmetrical, sometimes the design has more details to it, but basically they’re all simple and casual styles. Now, wearing clothes is more enjoyable compared to the past.”

The long-anticipated album has finally been released…

“The blending of a wild melody, powerful beats, our two vocals, and the fierce choreography has created a magnificent song. It’s a type of dance music we’ve never tried before, so I hope everyone will like it.

Please tell us what you want 2011 to be a year of…

“Ever since our debut, we’ve been busy every day with the feeling that we have to give our all the run the fastest. Last year, I had the time to look back and ponder over things, so this year, I want to set my mind to progress forward and have my life and work pass by filled with fun and hard work. Health is the most important thing, so I do need to take notice in the conditioning of my body.”

Is there anything you want to challenge?

“Although I think it’ll be pretty difficult… individually, I want to travel around Japan. I’ve been dreaming about going to see the beautiful scenery of Hokkaido in the winter, and I believe it’ll come true one day.”



What were the clothes you wore for today’s shoot?

“The impression it gave me was fashion that really fits modern times, including many elements that are both individualistic and different from normal atmospheres. It feels as if it’s kind of a challenge for me, but I feel really comfortable wearing it. You could say it’s displaying a new beauty (laughs).”

What type of clothing do you like right now?

“It’s a cold season right now, so I really like long jackets and gloves. I originally liked scarves and made it an important accessory for winter attire, but this year I’m putting it on gloves, hoping that it’ll create a masculine ambience.”

What kind of song is your new single?

“It is a dance song that is an extension from what we’ve always been singing, but more powerful, more rhythmic, containing more rapping and high pitches. It has a detailed tone that could be sung like a Rock song, and the distorting-styled choreography was a new challenge for us, so it is definitely worth a look. I hope everyone can enjoy it!

Please tell us what you want 2011 to be a year of…

“For us, last year was a turning point, with each of our own individual musicals and television dramas. Hopefully this year will be a packed year for Tohoshinki where we look back and think, ‘I’ve worked hard.’ We will continue to work hard in our activities and hope to see our Japanese fans really soon.

Lastly, please leave a message for the SMART readers!

“I believe that during your teens to your mid-twenties, it is the most beautiful and handsome period of your life. There might be more stress and discomfort, but if there are things you want to do, you must act on them in order to achieve your dreams. I’ve always been working hard to become someone like Michael Jackson, as anything is possible to challenge right now, so always look forward and challenge away!

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