12 January, 2011

[TRANS] 110112 Popteen Magazine - February 2011 Issue - Group Interview

Two of them living together, it feels good; an existence like that of family.

Q. Firstly, please talk about your activities that took place in 2010.

YH: My solo activities included the Michael Jackson tribute concert, a musical, as well as a web-drama.
CM: I was filming for the drama from January to June, as well as participating in photoshoots for magazines.
YH: Also, as TVXQ, the both of us took part in SM TOWN concerts in various countries like Korea, China and America.

Q. With the start of 2011, the activities for the both of you in Japan will also begin. Are you still living together?

CM: Yes. We go bowling occasionally. 

Q. The two of you together, doesn't it catch people's eyes?

YH: That's why we'll go with our mangers, but we still get recognized (laughs). But if people greet me, I'll respond naturally, so it's not like I mind being recognized in particular.
CM: I mind. I don't really like crowded places, so I'll bowl separately on purpose. But I still get recognized...
YH: But it's not a bad thing that both of us live together.
Q. Since you're always together, do you argue?

CM: If I say we don't argue at all, that's definitely a lie (laughs). We tell each other everything, so I think arguing is only natural. 
YH: But recently we've been conscious of the other's personal space. If the other person is in a bad mood, we'll observe for a time, then talk. Because each other's existence is like that of family, so when the other is feeling bad, we'll know even without saying anything.

Q. What do you like about each other?

CM: I like Yunho's passion for his work. He's responsible and professional, so I'm also learning from him.
YH: Changmin is also very calm when it comes to work. He won't get angry even if he gets misunderstood and he listens closely to what the other people is saying before he explains. He really wishes to understand the thoughts of the staff and the people around them. 
CM: Ahh, thank you (shy laugh)

Q. Then, on the flipside, something you want to change about the other?

YH: Changmin has recently grown into an adult, so there's nothing much from me.
CM: I have nothing too. I used to hate that Yunho's room is really messy (laughs), but now we have our own rooms.

Q. In between work, what will you two talk about?

YH: Many things. Things like the future.
CM: We'll also discuss about the things worrying us.
YH: Usually the two of us like to joke around, but when it comes to this, we become very serious. (t/n: referring to discussing their worries)

Q. Don't you talk about girls?

YH: Of course we do. We'll talk about how we hope to get married in future. If we see girls on the streets, we'll even talk about which girl is cute and stuff like that.

Q. Both of you say that the female Japanese star you like is Yukie Nakama. Is she your ideal type?

CM: Yukie Nakama is someone we both liked since we met her at the Kouhaku Uta Gassen. She's even more beautiful than we imagined.
YH: Ahh, it's not right to say it like that. Everyone, don't misunderstand (laughs). Changmin is saying that we already thought that Yukie Nakama is beautiful, but we felt that she was even more so in person.
CM: That's right. It's just like Yunho to help me out any time (laughs).

Q. (laughs) Then, can you tell us if you have any plans for 2011?

YH: 2010 was a turning point. 2011 will take us to a higher level, to charms that belong to the two of us, will be shown to everyone. Because of that, we are currently preparing now, so please look out for us.

Q. To describe it simply, where do you think both your charms lie?

CM: Both of us are tall. 
YH: We're tall indeed... (laughs), as well as the charm of our voices. Changmin's singing voice is high and mine belongs to the low tones, but the both of us can harmonize and create good vocals. Also our characters. Although our characters are really opposites, when we're together, it evens out well.
CM: If we describe Yunho's character as fire, then mine is water.
YH: But this will change according to the situation at the moment. When Changmin is anxious, I am calm, and such. We switch (roles) naturally.
CM: Even though it's become just the two of us, it's more balanced than one can imagine, and it can also show off the new charm that this group has.

Q. I see. Lastly, please say a word to Popteen readers!

CM: With the start of the new year, we'll show our new sides to everyone, so please look forward to it.
YH: We'll work hard to grow, please spend 2011 with TVXQ!

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