24 January, 2011

[TRANS] Junsu's Music Essay "Our Story"

Hello friends,
Will you listen to our story?

We were children with many dreams
We really loved songs
While really singing,
We wanted to meet many friends.

As the days of sweating while practicing and staying up late in the recording studio passed by,
At some point, we had a family who suffered together with us at our side
And had many friends.

Finally, the results we achieved through our blood and sweat,
We were able to verify with our eyes, and feel with our hands.

Because we thought that perhaps our actions might hurt our family,
We acted even more cautiously and followed our family’s words unconditionally.

Our family always told us this
Don’t look outside the world, Block your ears from the sounds you hear
Everything is something that is trying to come between us, Everything is a lie.

But one day,
We found out too many truths.
We, who were just children with big bodies,
Were thrown into chaos by those truths
We were unable to contain our anger.

Before we knew it, we became adults.
Even though they told us not to look at the world, we ended up looking, Even though they said not to listen, we ended up listening.
We reached an age where we were able to differentiate between what was real and what was false.

The family which we knew during then,
They were not the family we thought they were,
Our hearts were bruised and we felt sick.
We were unable to believe anyone
And we ended up in a situation which was beyond our imagination.

We transformed, and lost our dreams,
As we look at our ownselves, we gradually became aware.

This is not the place where we should be,
There is a wider and brighter world,
If such a place does not exist, we will create it with our own songs.

We got out from the fence of the family which “was not our family”
And built a new nest.
Our dreams,
And our souls which were wounded, A nest which would be able to heal them.

We are now building our own nest,
Our friends have become our family,
Many new family members have arised.

Despite the interference of the people who used to be family,
With the help of our new family,
We are now able to sing again.

On the day when we first started to sing again,
We could not stop our tears.

We wanted to sing again and wanted to create songs again,
Though now, we are only able to meet our family on the stage,
We are really loving the way we want to.

Now, I know,
In this world, those who love people, and trust people,
Will be able to have dreams and hope.

Our family will always be filled with love and trust,
Our story will continue on in the future too.

You will always listen to our story right!

Translated by christabel88@DBSKnights
Source: http://yfrog.com/h0nxhbj

Shared by: DBSKnights + c3jj

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