24 January, 2011

[INFO] How to Download TVXQ Legally on New Soribada Site

Soribada, a popular Korean music downloading site, recently started up a new beta website specifically designed for foreign Kpop fans. Everything is in English and it's very easy to navigate! Not only is the music cheap, but it's LEGAL and it counts on the Korean charts.

And best of all, Soribada is now having a special offer. Sign-up now and you can download ten songs for FREE during your 7-day trial. Not sure how long this offer will last, so grab it now while you can!

TVXQ's Korean collection - studio albums, live concert albums and more - is available for download HERE. JYJ's album "The Beginning" is also available HERE, so if you havn't already gotten it from iTunes, now's your chance!

Happy downloading, everyone!

EDIT: I just signed up and I'm happy to report that sign-up wasn't too hard. They require you to have a PayPal account and luckily I already have one. I didn't realize that by signing up, you are set up with an automatic payment of 5.99 a month, but I'm okay with it. It's only 5.99 USD for 40 Kpop downloads - very reasonable! Overall, I'd say I'm pleased. :)
Reviews from other Cassies?

Credit: DBSKnights
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