24 January, 2011

[TRANS] 110122 Homin - Spur Magazine March Issue Interview Part 1

Working towards a new stage.

Tohoshinki finally breaks their silence and makes a comeback.
For months, fans have yearned to see their smiling faces and witness their joy of carrying out their activities. Yunho and Changmin talks to us about the present and their hopes for the future.

'Overcoming pain and grief to protect a place they cherish'
'The appeal of the new Tohoshinki lies in the chemistry between the two members'

Our time spent away from being on stage helped us grow
Having been plagued by sorry and misery for nearly an entire year, the two decided to restart their activities under the name of 'Tohoshinki', making a comeback with their new title track 'Why? (Keep Your Head Down).

Yunho: Even though it's been a painful year, at the same time it helped us grow. I've looked back to the past and paid more attention to the present and I'm constantly assessing how to go on… Also, the time spent away from the stage enabled us to really feel the thrill of being able to perform on stage in new ways. When our own activities were suspended, we'd go and watch live performances by our seniors and think to ourselves 'I want to stand on stage again as soon as possible'

In unison, the two expressed that their greatest wish now is 'to see the fans soon'.
Yunho: Last year, the two of us stood on the stage we'd left behind us for so long through SM Town. We saw the audience cry and their tears deeply pierced our hearts. Because of that, we hope to stand on stage again as soon as possible to put smiles on everybody's faces.

Yunho took part in the drama 'Heading to the Ground' and the musical 'Goong' whilst Changmin took on the lead role in 'Paradise Ranch'. Over the year, both were relatively active as actors and these new experiences have also helped them mature.

Changmin: Through solo activities, we're able to observe the other from an objective point of view. For example, when Yunho went to acting classes, to training and to dance choreography sessions, his passion and attitude towards his work made me feel like I really needed to learn from him. To this day, even though I've witnessed such qualities as his fellow member, seeing him work so diligently outside of the group's activities made me respect him even more.

Yunho: I also went to visit Changmin's set while he was filming his drama. Even though he is the youngest member, his consistency and eliability is really shocking! That Changmin is completely different from the Changmin I normally see. Recently, when confide in him and talk about my troubles, he's given some really good advice. I really feel that Changmin has matured a lot.

We're like 'fire' and 'water'. We are completely different in the way we feel and the way we express ourselves.

Making their return after gaining more experience through solo activities, the appeal of the two members has no doubt increased and 'Why (Keep Your Head Down)' truly showcases these newly gained qualities in an explosive manner with a large dynamic range in the vocals and its powerful choreography. The lyrics also convey feelings of wanting to move on despite the pain in one's heart, which of course, making it an extremely appropriate song for Tohoshinki's comeback.

Changmin: I'm the tenor and Yunho is the bass, we're missing the middle range vocals.To be honest, we were quite unsettled about it initially and we felt somewhat helpless, but it's turned out to be a fantastic song.

Credits: MaxBar + SPUR
Trans by: dorfehh@DBSKnights
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