18 January, 2011

[TRANS] 110118 TVXQ To Participate In Variety Programmes

TVXQ will be participating in the variety programme 「Running Man」, which is a part of the 『Good Sunday』 line-up. They will show off their charms in the episode that airs on the 25th. (t/n: this is a press error, it should air on 23 January)

The recording of the show took place at the Seoul Arts Center. Yunho and Changmin team up against the members of 「Running Man」 and start an intellectual game of suspense and lies.

In particular, TVXQ appears in costumes and white masks that are reminiscent of the musical 『The Phantom of the Opera』, delivering a unique and different highlight.

Source: [STARNEWS/chosunonline]
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