12 January, 2011

[Trans] 110112 Elle Girl Magazine – February 2011 – Interview “TELL ME! The Real Heart Of A Man”

I have no confidence in saying that I’ve become a man! For love, it will start if we can get along.
Q. What kind of approach will you take on the person you like?
I guess I’ll use our friendship for a start (laughs). I’m not too good at flowery approaches, so I think I’ll gather everyone together and suggest a meal. I would be happy if a girl uses the such an approach to go after me. The pressure is lower and something will develop naturally♪
Q. A special sign you’ll show to the person you like is?
I think there are 2 types of men. There’s the type that tries hard to express their liking and the type that looks out for the other person’s feelings. When it comes to love, I will have a lot of negative considerations, so I belong to the latter. (But) in order to know the other person’s attitude (towards me) I might send a short e-mail; or in order to attract her, I might even show a sign. There might be others who are little more than amateurs like myself, so I hope that girls will give a little push as well and not just wait (laughs).
When in love, a man will want to become even more manly.
Q. In what way do you change when you’re in love?
Not only to my girlfriend, but to my friends as well. If I have interest in someone, I’m the sort that will want to understand the other person even better. Therefore, if you look closely, my interests and the things I like are all similar to those around me. It becomes more fun when people of similar interests hangout together, right? It’s the same for love, the more things we have in common, the more our liking (for the other party) increases………
Q. The reason why men, as compared to their girlfriends, will have more consideration for their friends?
To a man, the position that friends and girlfriend takes is different. With your male friends or seniors, you talk about work, life and girls (boys’ talk). But in front of his girlfriend, a man will want to look more manly and wouldn’t want to show his weak or silly side. I guess we want to look more cool?!
Q. What if a close friend likes the same person?
I’ll give it up if the other party is a really close friend like Changmin. I don’t want to fight with my close friends (t/n: he uses the term “nakama” which indicates someone really precious to you) and I think a good man is one that wishes the other person happiness. If it’s Changmin, compared to him, he’s even more good looking and he’s taller as well, so I’ll give way to him (laugh).
Realizing our hopes, this is the first appearance of Yunho. His candid and energetic character is even better than what it is said to be!! “If Changmin is in love, it won’t escape my eye! Because our existence is such that I’m the closest to him, I’m confident that I’ll be able to tell. But I guess I’ll be a little jealous (laughs),” showing the appeal of their close relationship.
From Yunho, we heard that he’s finding it a little weird because Changmin has been more fashionable lately. “Compared to the past, his dressing is more mature now. Even his hats have changed……. Could it be that he’s in love?” Changmin’s counterattack in response to Yunho’s banter, “It’s simply because I’ve finally opened my eyes to fashion!!”
With Yunho in this photoshoot, there is an added sense of security, so this is the first time Changmin is showing us his younger side. When Yunho replied that he would “give way to Changmin” in reply to the question on what he would do if they liked the same girl, Changmin said with a complacent smile, “I’m so grateful for a person like this!” But once they got into the photoshoot, even their breathing was in sync and showed perfect teamwork!!
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