30 April, 2011

[TRANS] 110427 Kim Jaejoong, Song Joongki and Lim Juhwan - Busan Trip "Team Pretty Boys"

Male group JYJ member Kim Jaejoong recently released pictures taken with actors Song Joongki and Lim Juhwan on their trip to Busan.

Jaejoong tweeted the picture on the afternoon of the 26th, with the caption, "The fish is huge!"

In the picture, Jaejoong, Song Joongki, Lim Juhwan and friends went to the aquarium. Jaejoong, especially, looked really cute wearing his black toque. It seems like Jaejoong and Song Joongki were shocked by jaw-droppingly large fish.

Then, Jaejoong also tweeted, "Looking forward to the Buscan concert. Yoochun-ah, hurry up and get better!" and then posted a picture of everyone posing by the beach.

Netizens immediately commented with comments such as "Team Pretty Boys going on trip!", "Jaejoong is so cute!", "Looking at all the pretty boys together," and "Busan seemed interesting."

Source: [tv daily]+[tvxq baidu]
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