10 April, 2011

[TRANS] 110405 Exclusive Interview - JYJ Bangkok Concert: Kim Junsu Thanks Members' Encouragement

Male idol group JYJ started their world tour at their first stop - Bangkok - with two concerts held on April 2nd and 3rd.

In the press conference held before the concert, Junsu revealed his thoughts on working under the name of 'JYJ.' The three members of JYJ left TVXQ due to the lawsuit with their former agency SM Entertainment, and then subsequently announced their comeback and released their first worldwide album "The Beginning" on October 3rd of last year. With the help of famous rappers Kanye West and Rodney Jerkins, "The Beginning" caused a preorder craze before the album even hit the stores - creating a record of 520,000 preorders and being sold out of both online and actual record stores. Furthermore, JYJ was listed as fifth on the Billboard's 2010 Top 10 Favourite Albums - creating a stir in the music scene.

Regarding this, Junsu said, "Being listed in the Billboard's Reader Polls, even before the album was officially released, was a very memorable achievement. We were proud of that." He then continued calmly, "Mm, the only negative thing about entering the polls was that aside from us, no one else knew about it. There were also fans that only knew that our songs were being composed by famous singers. There were also people that thought we were just doing nothing during our break." This revealed the pain that Junsu felt during that period of time.
"With this album, however, we are confident with its quality. The only thing lacking is that we can't perform it on Korean stage. I feel that this is a major obstacle for us and we are becoming stronger because of it." Junsu reveals. Lastly, Junsu doesn't forget to convey his gratitude towards the other two members during the hard times, "To be able to complete this world tour was also due to the members' support and encouragement. After meeting them, I feel that I am so lucky, because I can rely on them and they can rely on me. It is also due to this that no matter what problems we face, they are meaningful. Thank you very much." 

Source: [korea star daily]
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