20 February, 2011

[TRANS] 110219 Tohoshinki Fan's Shibuya Electro-Optical Advertisement For Changmin's 24th Birthday!

To celebrate Tohoshinki Max Changmin's birthday, a Japanese fan created a display on the Sibuya Electro-Optical electric banner.

On February 19, an online-based group uploaded a photo of a celebratory advertisement for Changmin's birthday on 109 Sibuya Forum Vision, attracting the attention of many.

This particular ad was played on February 18 from 9:30AM until 11:30PM intermittently each hour for 15 seconds - the product of 9 fans who prepared this for 20 days!

This ad showed Changmin's photo, as well as this message:

Dear Changmin
Happy Birthday!
Your smile has a special magic that always makes us happy.
WE ♥ Tohoshinki

Japanese netizens have reacted with messages like, "Fans are so amazing with their sincerity," "It's really surprising how just 9 fans could prepare something of that degree," "If Changmin knew about this he would definitely be touched."

On another note, Max Changmin held his 24th birthday party on the 18th at the Seoul SangMyung Art Center, spending the afternoon with his fans.

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