20 February, 2011

[TRANS] 110218 Changmin's Birthday - Fan Account Compilation Part 2

bruary 20, 2011

Changmin: Thank you for attending my birthday part. Who am I to receive so much love from you all? Ha, thank you. I'll work hard in the future to repay you for your love.

As soon as Changmin walked on stage, fans started screaming. Changmin asked 'You scream over everything. What is there to scream about?' Minho started to praise Changmin along with the fans, dishing out random compliments, saying that the way Changmin was sitting looked really cool. Changmin replied 'I'm just doing what our colleage Choi Siwon does'

As Minho was giving him compliments, Changmin tilted his head and smiled. It was cute.


Changmin was given a board and asked to illustrate the ups and downs of his life in the form of a line. There was x and y-axes on the board:
Above the x-axis - high points of his life
Below - low points

CM: Are you really asking me to hand draw this? I thought this thing was automatic! The type where you just prod it and it draws the thing itself.


The life line began from the moment Changmin was born (obviously), and he said 'I think I was particularly attractive at that point in my life, I had such milky smooth skin!' In response, Minho changed 'Milky skin Shim Changmin! We love you Shim Changmin!' several times along with the fans.


(Still drawing the life line) At 5 years old, Changmin said he was a clueless child. Minho asked 'Could you belt high notes the same way you do now back then?' Changmin answered 'Of course not! Back then I didn't even know what an artist was or what an idol was. All I knew was that I was my mom's child!' (At this point, his life line was moving up)


Later on, Changmin talked about meeting his first girlfriend and his life line went up in a straight line to its highest point then descended to its lowest when he got dumped. Here the fans all screamed in unison and then sighed in unison. Changmin: 'Just now when I said I got dumped, you guys screamed so loud and were so high about it! Aish!'


Yunho held Changmin's hand and spoke for quite some time. As he was talking, Changmin asked 'Is there really a need to keep holding my hand?' Yunho ignored him and kept talking. He didn't let go until he was done.

Fans screamed at them to kiss and Changmin said 'I'm a normal man. Compared to men, I like women a lot better okay? You guys have to have some consideration for Yunho who is kissing me, and for me, the one who is being kissed!'

They didn't kiss in the end but they did hug.


When Changmin was picking the fans' questions to answer, he and Minho were chatting whilst Yunho kept quiet most of the time. Eventually Yunho got annoyed and yelled 'LOOK AT ME!'

As he was answering the questions, Yunho kept drinking water and said to the fans 'Pay attention you guys!' Changmin replied 'They'd focus on me if you stopped drinking water.'


When they performed 'Why', one of the dancers pushed Changmin to the front after undoing all the buttons on his clothes and his abs were visible (T/N: O_____O). However, as soon as Yunho started singing, Changmin ran behind him and buttoned his clothes back up.


When he was drawing his life line, Changmin started to talk about each year in detail after he reached 20. Minho butt in and said 'As the MC, I was going to request that, didn't think you'd take the initiative…' Changmin retorted 'No matter how you look at it, I did debut a lot earlier than you…'

Whenever Changmin mentioned something depressing, the fans would sigh, and Changmin would say 'Stop being all sympathetic!' And they'd scream instead. Then Changmin would complain again, mumbling 'Well there's no need to be that excited either…'


Alternative translation of the above.
When the lawsuit was brought up, Changmin said 'Right now I can smile while talking about it, but nevertheless, it's still… ' and trailed off. The fans let out sighs of sympathy and Changmin said 'I don't need you to make such noises' and then the fans started screaming again. Chngmin's face darkened as he muttered 'It's not anything to get excited about'

Credits: Max Bar + Weibo
Trans by: dorfehh@DBSKnights
Shared by: DBSKnights+C3jj

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