24 February, 2011

[NEWS] Yoochun and Yoon Eunhye Will Not Be Appearing in Drama "Maid"

Recently, a rumor ran rampant among fans that Yoon Eunhye of "Coffee Prince" and Yoochun of JYJ would be casted as the lead couple in KBS 2TV's new drama "Maid." The rumor, however, has been squashed by an official from the drama team, who claims it to be groundless.

According to the director of "Maid," "There’s no evidence about Yoon Eunhye and Park Yoochun as the potential cast members.”

But he then continued, “It’s true we have considered whether Yoon Eunhye and Park Yoochun could be coupled together for the drama, but in the end we believe that the couple is not possible.”

Both agencies of the actress and singer have also denied their involvement in the "Maid" drama. Eunhye's agency, The House Company, stated, “It’s just simply untrue.” Park Yoochun’s CJeS agency official has also dismissed the rumor, stating, “It’s a groundless issue.”

"Maid" is a drama about a romance that unfolds between a businessman employer and his live-in maid while they become embroiled in a battle over money.

Danggit~ Just when I was getting my hopes up.

Source: Star News and sharingyoochun
Credit: Koreaboo
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