24 February, 2011

[TRANS] 110223 Kim Junsu's Musical DVD - Content Information

“This concert DVD was produced by a representative Korean production team, with Sylvester Levay and musical director Kim Mun Jeong participating in the production. We also had the original Viennese composers’ and Korean production teams’ taking turns correcting it, so that we can produce a concert DVD that includes more effort and is higher in quality than your average concert DVD.” - DVD Producer Kim Ji Won

Disc 1:
• Songs from “Mozart!” the musical which had the best local musical performers participating in it, such as “I Am Music, “Why Can’t You Love Me,” “Golden Stars,” “I Want To Escape My Fate” – 18 songs in total.
• “Elizabeth” Korean Version – 6 Songs in total
• Levay’s present to Kim Junsu, “ Miss you so” (Levay performs on stage, accompanying Kim Junsu on the piano)

Disc 2:
• The encore performance of “Intoxication,” which became a huge topic during the concert. This song was from Kim Junsu’s Japanese single, and was rearranged by Levay into an orchestra version.
• Making film of the preparation process outside of the actual performance – Approximately 1 hour long
• Introduction of the practice room that moved the hearts of the fans, as well as the make-up room and behind the scenes footage.

Aside from the 2 DVDs, there will be a 80 page photobook from Kim Junsu’s concert performance.

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