02 January, 2011

[Trans] Popteen Interview-Yunho’s Interview

Catch up with changmin's interview Q&A With Homin

1.What kind of fashion do you like?
Recently i Like trenchcoats with boots on, and clothes look cool and easy to wear.

2.Why do you prefer that kind of fashion?
Because I can wear it to the gym. I go about 3 times a week to the gym now.

3.Your skin is really beautiful. Do you have a secret?
Is it really.. Well, I drink lots of water.

4.Why do you think guys in korea always have this idea of putting "lady's First"?
It's probably because in korea, boys are told by their parent from when they're young men must protect woman. Also in dramas these kind of men are very common, so that probably also influences guys in korea.

5.From the outside you lokk like the coll and healing type but in reality you're the predating type aren't you? (in regards to women)
Maybe I'm like that because I'm leader type? I'll confess that I am.

6. What is your type of women?
Someone who's bright and optimistic, and who can give me good advice.

7.What are the defferences between women in japan and in korea?
I think the style and character of women in japan are stronger than in korea. Recently, the girly type of women in korea has been increasing.

8.What kind of clothes would you want a girl to wear for you?
Suits are nice, but also if she wore proper looking clothes like jeans with matching colorful tops would make me very happy too.

9.What hot spot in korea would you recommend to go to?
Jebbu town. The road along the town is near the ocean and the pull and ebb of the tide is very beautiful.

10.If you went on a date in korea where would you go?
Seoul Tower. On the Top of seoul tower there's a place where you can hang a key holder of just the two of you. I want to do that kind of "couple-ish" things.

11.Where would you go on a date in japan?
I want to go a winter festival in sapporo City.

12.What is a japanese word that you like?
Optimistic. (maemuki)

13.What is a korean word that is popular these days?
Chyadonamu. It means a guys with a cold and good looking appearance. Recently, these kind of guys have become very popular. When there are guys like this in dramas, people quickly exclaim" Chyadonamu".

14.What is a japanese food that you like?
Motsunabe (kind of japanese hot spot). It has a very plain and refresing taste that's very delicious.

15.What was a dream you had as a child?
To be a public prosecutor. when I was young, I always heard of problems between relationships in households and relatives. Even as a child I was told that I grew up saying "I want toprotect justice!" But before I knew it I had entered into this world of singing(laugh).

Trans by:Ayu333@Sharingyoochun.net
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