31 January, 2011

[Trans] 110131 Kim Junsu “We can not work in Korea is a strange thing.”

At January 30th broadcast of MBC ‘News Magazine 2580′, the main topic surfaced was titled ‘JYJ and Kara, why are they?’, the topic focused and brought in recent ‘KARA situation’ and JYJ conflict with their former agency SM Entertainment in the spotlight.
JYJ Kim Junsu said, “We can not do our activities is a strange thing. As a Korean singer in South Korea yet being so difficult to stand on stage, this is the most unfortunate thing as a singer.”
Kim Junsu also added, “In my opinion, a Korean entertainment industry where artists can have equal relations (with their agency) and also be able to sing and dance seems to be what everyone in entertainment industry want.”
JYJ Kim Junsu, Kim Jaejoong, and Park Yoochun applied provisional injunction against former agency SM Entertainment in 2009, and afterward they started to do activities under name JYJ.
However despite the popularity of JYJ as a group, due to interest relationship among SM Entertainment and many local broadcasters, they haven’t gotten proper air time in music program to do music activities ever since.
Meanwhile, ‘News Magazine 2580′ also analyzed the complicated structure of entertainment industry where many entertainment companies are placing bet by investing huge costs to their artists so that they can generate income for them. The continuous dispute between artists and their agencies that didn’t meet amicable results were put as the indicator.

credit: Yahoo Korea
trans: sharingyoochun.net

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