28 January, 2011

[TRANS] 110128 Bigeast Office: Additional Performance For Special Event

Hello Bigeast!

「Why? (Keep Your Head Down)」which was released on 26 January (Wednesday), has been awarded first place for the 2nd consecutive day! 
This is all thanks to everyone's warm support. Thank you so much☆
Today, they will be performing in TV Asahi's 「Music Station」! Please be sure to check it out♪

Also, for the special buyers' event* held on 8 February in commemoration of their single's release, at Makuhari Messe, it has been decided that additional performances (same day) will be added!!
It has also be decided that there will be a mini LIVE performance on that day! Please look forward to the event where the members and fans can meet!
Applications are until 23:59 on 30 January (Sunday)! Everyone, please apply heartily♪
※For more details, please refer to the official site.

▼Official site

☆Licensed album to be released in March!
It has been decided that the licensed album of their 5th Korean album, released in January and which topped the charts on every Korean site, will be released here in March♪
The release date and product details will be revealed as soon as it's decided. Please wait a little longer!

>>>Bigeast Office
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*This event is a fanmeet for Bigeast. All those who bought a copy of KYHD stand a chance in the ballot to win a ticket to the event
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