28 January, 2011

[Trans] 110125 FUKUTARO Blog Update

[T/N It's for Jaejoong's birthday]
Tomorrow is my important friend’s birthday☆
I am sad that I couldn’t get to celebrate it with him…☆
But he must have a great smile on☆¨
I can tell even though I’m not even there (laugh)
Everyone can imagine too right☆♪
That’s the most important thing☆
You smile just by imagining!!
Everyone becomes happy♪
That’s the most important☆
Don’t take away our smile (laugh)
But getting forgotten is the most saddest thing…☆
but its okay☆¨
Not even one person will forget!!
There will be 1 million people who are going to be sleep deprived tomorrow ☆¨
So you better make us smile and take responsibility (≧∀≦)☆ (laugh)
There are many people who support you, so don’t worry☆
or at least we are the most powerful support you have☆¨
I wont forgive the person who takes your smile away!!
Lets live free and enjoy life☆
Let there be happiness in your future☆
Happy Birthday☆
credit: Fukutaro’s blog
trans by: Rieko@sharingyoochun

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