28 January, 2011

[TRANS] 110127 Jaejoong Surfing Telzone JYJ Gallery

It has been confirmed that Jaejoong was browsing through a Korean forum called 'Telzone JYJ Gallery' on Daum.net following the release of his photo on C-Jes.

The fans from that forum are known to be very mature, with a large base of various ages and genders. Two main projects of support originated from this forum, with the 'We Support Your Youth' posters as well as advertisements of support on public buses. These were also the fans who created JYJ's very own international radio station.

Telzone is also known for their warm and supportive family-like atmosphere. Members don't share JYJ's songs for illegal downloading, post hateful comments about other artists, use bad, cursing language, and try their best to not discuss any rumors related to JYJ. When JYJ are attacked by anti-fans, the members go out of their way to protect JYJ using professional manners. The forum also actively supports JYJ by sending emails, calling, or directly visiting places like C-Jes, governmental organizations, and the court.

All in all, this forum was a great place for Jaejoong to surf through and receive positive feedback from fans.

Source: [baidutvxq]
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