28 January, 2011

[TRANS] 110127 Changmin Exercised Hard For Nude Scene On Paradise Meadow

An SM Entertainment representative revealed to Sports Chosuon on January 27 through a telephone interview that, "In order for Changmin to improve his build, he only ate chicken breast, sweet potatoes, and egg whites for a whole month. His body form has become much better, but he still works hard to get more muscles so the audience will see a better shape of him."

On the 24th, the first episode of 'Paradise Meadow' left fans in a frenzy after Changmin's nude scene, showing off his fit body with only a cute love heart to cover up his essentials.

The representative expressed, "After the broadcast, many people were wondering if he was really nude, but in actuality he was still wearing swimming trunks. We shot the scene really early, but Changmin didn't hesitate to shoot the scene happily along with Lee Yeon Hee."

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