26 January, 2011

[Trans] 110126 Yoochun “I will try my best to be a bad boy”

Excerpt taken from Jaejoong’s interview during the MBN Live Today.

The Director asked, “During the press conference of the SSK scandal, the Director mentioned to the others that if you can attain Yoochun’s ability, you can attract any woman. Is Yoochun a bad boy?”
Jaejoong answered, “Yoochun is the ideal bad boy!”
In response, Yoochun said rather embarrassingly, “I will try my best to be a bad boy.”
In today’s show, they were asked after the SKK scandal, have they noticed any changes? Yoochun laughingly answered, “Fans who are older women and small children all manage to recognize me now.”
Meanwhile, JYJ’s latest release of the “Music Essays” has been receiving popular response from all major bookstores. However, at the moment, they will be busy promoting their worldwide album.
source: STAR TODAY+baidu
trans by: zain@sharingyoochun

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