26 January, 2011

[Trans] 110126 Kim Junsu donated to a Village Band winter gloves and scarves as a gesture of “Warmth”

JYJ Kim Junsu has restarted his career after one and a half years of non-activities and has chosen to participate in the “Miracle Star Project”. His participation is to help the children Project and has recently started shooting for the MBC 7-day Miracle Project.
Despite hectic rehearsals for the musical and his worldwide promotions, he has his own special reasons for joining the “7-Day Miracle Project”. It is the the children from the Chongju’s Children Centre that have moved him to join this project.
For generations, these children have grown up in difficult conditions and playing music in the Children’s Centre is their greatest enjoyment. Although their musical instruments are badly worn out, they meant everything to these children. Junsu is moved by their pure passion for music despite their surroundings and hardships.
Therefore, Junsu decides to donate gloves and scarves to these children. Junsu said, “These are indispensable and are always with me for the release of the new album and when facing the challenges of the musical rehearsals.”
Further, Junsu will be singing the special song for the 7-Day Miracle Project. To be released on the 27th January 6.50pm
credit: xiahking+baidu
trans by: zain@sharingyoochun

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