26 January, 2011

[NEWS] 110125 Lee Yeon-hee - Max, Brushes Away Acting Dispute And Transforms

Lee Yeon-hee showed a total change in image and Max showed more comfortable acting.
The first broadcast of the SBS TV drama "Paradise Ranch" won viewers favors with Lee Yeon-hee and Max's more than expected acting skills.
The two lead characters who get married young and get divorced in 6 months, were steady and exceeded expectations.
Owner of Paradise Ranch and a vet, Lee Yeon-hee looked fit for the act being a tough and delightful character as she smiles even with her face dumped in horse dung, and sipping on spilt beer on the table with a straw.
Max also managed to breakthrough his acting issues that always followed his idol attempts in acting. He showed the results after a long time of preparations. He looked right for the role of a cold conglomerate.
Good reviews from the viewers can bee seen in the homepage bulletin, "I predict the best. Lee Yeon-hee and Max together is outstanding", "Lee Yeon-hee has matured", "Max acted better than expected" and more.
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