16 January, 2011

[TRANS] 110110 The Movie ‘Glove’ Mentions “TVXQ Is Made Of Five Members”

The movie is garnering attention for mentioning the troubled group TVXQ.

(Director Kang Woo Seok-Production Cinema Service) held its preview screening on the 10th and mentioned present-day idols in its script.

LG Twins’ Kim Sang Nam (Jung Jae Young), who is transfered to ChoongChoo SeongShim School to work as their baseball team’s coach after he causes trouble, is seen asking his team of ten “How can we play baseball with 10 players?”. The manager (Jo Jin Woong) follows up this comment by saying, “We have five more people than TVXQ.” He also adds, “If we had three more people, we could make 2PM as well.”

The movie gained attention for these lines in the movie as the two mentioned idol groups are those currently facing group divisions.


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