11 January, 2011

[TRANS] 110107 TVXQ: "Now That We're Two... We're Stricter On Our Bodies"

After TVXQ finished the rehearsal for KBS' "Music Bank" on the 7th, the two looked very happy, as if they came back from studying abroad.

In the press conference in KBS' Hall in Yeouido, Yunho and Changmin expressed that "We were worried if the tenor and bass voices of the group could sing well together, but surprisingly, we matched each other nicely. I hope everyone can feel the change after listening to the songs on the album."

Yunho said, "In fact, we use up more energy when performing with two people, so we were quite worried. But after we stood on stage, we fitted in much better. No matter what thoughts with the two of us being active bring, I only hope for everyone to listen to our music properly.

Changmin also added, "Watching the various Award Shows happening at the end of last year made me really want to stand on stage. Returning to the stage after such a long time, it felt as if I've come back from studying abroad for a long time. Many Hoobaes [T/N ie. rookie/relatively new artists] came to greet us, and we also went to greet them. It made me feel a little like a new artist".

Yunho further elaborated that "Even though standing on stage performing is very important, but the most important is to do our best, and hope that we can think back to this day in the future as a beautiful memory. While preparing for this comeback, I could feel the pride that drives everyone in the company. To show everyone a new TVXQ, we really worked very hard."

In the album, Yunho also used the phrase "TVXQ, Phase 2" in the song "Thanks To", which has become a hot topic. He explained that "In 'Thanks To', the phrase 'TVXQ, Phase 2' only means we can meet fans very soon".

The duo sang ballad "How Can I" and main track "Why (Keep Your Head Down)" that day, and captured the audiences attention with the powerful atmosphere.

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