07 January, 2011

[TRANS] 110105 Anticipation for TVXQ's Comeback Album

The TVXQ duo will be making their official comeback on KBS2's Music Bank.

TVXQ will be performing their title track 'Why' on the afternoon of the 7th on Music Bank, followed by Music Core on the 8th and Inkigayo on the 9th. This will mark the beginning of their comeback promotions.

With their idols finally making a return to the stage after a 2 year, 3 month hiatus, TVXQ's fans highly anticipate the group's performances.

This album showcases the uniquely diverse voices of Yunho and Changmin through a series of soulful tracks as well as some newer genres. A number of respected composers including Yoo young jin, Kenzie, Park Chang Hyun, E-Tribe and Outsidaz (an active group in the US) took part in the production, thus gaining the album further acclaim.
The new album includes the title track 'Why (Keep Your Head Down)' which elicited an explosive response upon its release on the 3rd. Park Chang Hyun, composer of 'Hug' wrote 'How Can I' as a gift for the two members, whilst Jay of TRAX collaborated with the two on the dance track 'Crazy'. Other songs also include the simplistically beautiful 'Rumor' which leaves a deep impression on its listener as well as Maximum etc. With so many different tracks, all conveying different emotions, the album is completely compatible with TVXQ's talent.

In particular, Yunho and Changmin's solos have garnered much attention. Yunho's solo 'Honey Funny Bunny' adopts a modern, slow pace, using the unique phrase 'Honey Funny Bunny' to capture the emotions of love at first sight.

Changmin wrote the lyrics to his own solo 'Confession'. Through the piano accompaniment and the powerful harmony, the song fully displays Choikang Changmin's unique talent of expressing emotions through music. The lyrics speak of a separated couple, enhancing the heartbreaking tone of the piece.

TVXQ's new album will be released on the 5th.

Credits: Star News + NeverEnd
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