14 December, 2010

[TRANS] Xiah Junsu’s contract for ‘Tears of Heaven’ musical revealed

A confirmation photo of Xiah Junsu’s musical contract for ‘Tears of Heaven‘ has been revealed in order to clarify speculations on his performance wage for the musical.

According to the contract, Xiah Junsu was contracted to receive $7,000 USD for each of his 10-20 performances.

Xiah Junsu expressed,
“Vague rumors regarding the performance fees are ungrounded. I feel it is just a great honor for me to work alongside world-renown maestro Frank Wildhorn and other respected stars. I like how the music has both classic and pop elements.
“These days, the musical market is greatly diminishing, and I have great interest in original Korean musicals with global aims. Even though a lot of Korean movies and music have already advanced into the global market, there aren’t a lot of cases for Korean musicals. I felt that ‘Tears of Heaven’ was such a great musical that it could succeed internationally, which is why I decided to help in its investments.”

Not only is ‘Jekyll & Hyde‘ director Frank Wildhorn a part of the production staff, but the director of ‘Sweeney Todd‘, Gabriel Barre, has signed on as well. Worldwide famous musical star Brad Little will also be acting alongside Korean actors for ‘Tears of Heaven’>

Credit: allkpop
Source: Sports Chosun via Nate

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