26 December, 2010

[TRANS] 101223 Changmin for Ray Magazine - 50 Questions Part 2

26. Is there a specific style you like on girls (in terms of fashion)?
I like people who are versatile. It may be a little demanding of me (laughs), but wouldn't one also be able to project their own charm if one were to accept and experiment with different styles?

27. Where would you go on a first date?
To the amusement park. Since I can't go myself, it's always been a dream of mine. I want to go on the rollercoaster, although of course, if she doesn't want to, I wouldn't force it on her. After all, we're meant to be enjoying the visit with one another.

28. What could a girl do or say to make you happy?
I'd like her to all me. Even if I've already gone to bed, I'd like her to call telling me she's had a nightmare so that I know she trusts and depends on me.

29. How would you get over a heartbreak?
Ah this one is difficult. It takes me a really long time to get over heartbreaks. Over time, my hope will slip away and I'll lose faith in relationships, but it'll get better eventually.

30. What has captured your interest recently?
Fishing! I'd like to go out to sea on a boat and do it properly. Once you're out there and you've cast your line… you won't get interrupted, it's time that belongs to you alone. I want to do that.

31. In your past relationships, did you dump the other person or were you the one being dumped?
I was dumped once. It was my first ever relationship. That time… it was just awful (laughs)!

32. What do you think makes an ideal man?
Someone who pursues whatever he sees fit. A man who is determined to succeed and won't let anything come in his way. Even though he has no way of knowing whether or not he's walking down the correct path, he lives according to his own beliefs.

33. Which actors do you admire?
Won Bin, Kimura Takuya and Kaneshiro Takeshi.

34. Are there any particular directors you'd like to work with?
Director Yukisada Xun.
I watch a lot of romance films like Love Story. Works where there is a strong yearning for love in a romantic film really leave a deep impression.

35. What movie have you watched recently that you really liked?
Inception. Also Won Bin's new Korean film ‘Ahjusshi’. It's a lot like ‘LION’, you'll hold high regard for it even if you're a man.

36. Movie that has left the deepest impression?
Brokeback Mountain. It's a wonderful love story. It does a good job of depicting the main characters' emotions. Good films are ones where the shifts and changes in the characters' feelings are well conveyed.

37. Most touching movie?
Gran Torino. It’s directed by Clint Eastwood. I once cried so hard that I gave myself a headache. There's also an Indian film called 'Black', it's also a real tearjerker.

38. What was your childhood dream?
Scientist or broadcaster.

39. What is your ideal profession?
Broadcaster or sports journalist. I've wanted to be a broadcaster since the third year of primary school. I also really want to be a sports journalist so that I'll have the opportunity to meet a lot of athletes.

40. What is your dream now?
To build a warm family. Although it seems kind of lame (laughs). Compared to earning loads of money and getting rich, I have a much stronger desire to build my own family.

41. Do you like Tokyo?
Yes! Its atmosphere is completely different to that of Seoul. I've already adapted to life in Tokyo.

42. What do you like about Tokyo?
It feels like home. It doesn't feel like a foreign country close to home anymore, it feels exactly like home. The people around me have helped to create an amiable atmosphere and I can feel it both in real life settings and when I'm working.

43. Where have you traveled to so far that has left the deepest impression?
Paris. There were pretty much no Koreans on the streets and I really enjoyed that. Also because it was the first time I'd gone abroad, that's probably why (laughs).

44. Where do you want to go?
I've yet to visit New York. Since I've never been there before, I really want to go. I think I'd gain a lot out of it because there's so much to see.

45. If you could relive your life, who would you want to be?
Even if I were to undergo a rebirth, I'd be myself!

46. What has been your biggest failure to date?
Surprisingly, there hasn't been anything.

47. What has been the happiest moment of your life to date?
When my entire family moved around 2 years after my debut.

48. When do you feel the happiest now?
When I'm eating!

49. What do you want the most this moment?
Clothes, car, family, love, friends. And pretty much more of everything that I already possess.

50. To conclude, please send a greeting to your Japanese fans.
I want to bring smiles to your faces through my different activities!

2010 has been packed with invaluable experiences and I hope that 2011 will be even better. I want to give my Japanese fans happiness through my singing and dancing and all other activities.

Credits: NeverEnd
Trans by: dorfehh@DBSKnights
Shared by: DBSKnights + c3jj

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