16 September, 2010

[trans] 100915 shinjiroh inoue's blog: "keep in mind that i love you" - the meaning of "w"


The correct pronunciation... Although we were hesitating over whether it was "daburu" or "daburyuu", during the Dome rehearsal Junsu said "Shouldn't that be 'daburyuu'!", so we settled for "daburyuu" (laugh). 

After Tohoshinki went on a hiatus, around the time of the trio's 「THANKSGIVING LIVE IN DOME」, I was asked to write lyrics for a song they can sing in the Dome. 

At that time, I was entrusted with (writing) the real feelings of the trio. 

I'm sorry, but I can't tell you the details here. 

From here on, I will be writing about my own feelings... but I really felt that the 3 hoped to be able to work as 5 again. 

I believe that the 2 wish for the same, and so do the fans.

I was wondering "How do I pass on this message, containing these feelings, to the fans?" and came up with "If you have a message for Homin, will you entrust it to me?" through Twitter and Ameba. 

I remember at that time, there were fewer followers on my Ameba but through word of mouth, I received a lot of messages. 

No, I was entrusted with them.

Among them, there were messages written completely in hiragana so that the two would be able to understand... at that time I thought "Ah, if only I could deliver it to them personally..." and I felt really apologetic that I couldn't. 

From those messages, a great number contained the words "we're waiting for the day you return" and "we're protecting the place for you to return to".

When this song was sung at the Dome, when it was distributed, and when it was uploaded online... I received a lot of messages wanting to know the real meaning of the song.

There were also sharp comments like "Isn't it funny that they should sing about waiting when the trio were the ones who left?"

Because this song was written with the thought of conveying the trio's true feelings and not my own, with the trio in mind, I have kept my silence although I'm usually a chatterbox.

If I remember correctly, I was also careful not to talk about things that were too sensitive... 

However, with the non-promotions for 「The...」 and 「THANKSGIVING LIVE IN DOME」, the trio have not said anything and thus I've gathered my courage to write about this here. 

"W" is the symbol of 5 that belongs to all 5. 
"Waiting" is for the day all 5 work together again. 
"Protecting" is the power of the fans.

Those were my feelings, lyrics I had written after being entrusted with the messages from the trio and the fans.

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Lyrics to "W".

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