17 August, 2010

[Trans] 100815 For Japanese, Talking About ‘Koreans’ Whom Will Immediately Pop Up?

Regarding a poll with subject ‘when talking about the Koreans in Japan, which person whom you will instantly remember?’, the Japanese chose Bae Yong Joong as one they will immediately reminiscent.
In memorial of 100 Years of Invasion of Sovereignty Right, KBS International Broadcast and NHK news held a poll from June 26th – July 4th with over 1000 Japanese in their 20th of Korean age, gained an exact 1,473 participants.
The Japanese appointed :
Bae Yong Jun (20.8%) (T/N: Actor),
Kim Dae-Jung (7.6%) (T/N: South Korea former president, Nobel peace prize recipient),
Lee Myung Bak (7.3%) (T/N: Korea former president, he was born and spent childhood in Japan),
Choi Ji Woo (4.3%) (T/N: Actress),
Lee Byun Hun (3.9%) (T/N: Actor),
Kim Yuna (3.4%) (T/N: Skating figure),
TVXQ (2.6%), and
Park Ji-Sung (1.6%) (T/N: Soccer player).
From overall results, Korean hallyu stars are mostly chosen by female participants while politicians are from the male participants.

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