12 August, 2010

[Trans] 100812 Yoshihiro Masamichi’s Celeb Watcher: The Secret of TVXQ Changmin’s Body

Celeb watcher Yoshihiro Masamichi-san’s popular column. This time,
Changmin whom we even interviewed in Korea. We will tell you the secret of the very popular Changmin’s body.
Changmin who was a hot topic for being in magazine “elle japon”.
Everyone loves him~! During his Tohoshinki years I interviewed him and
was personally attracted to Changmin~ (gross quote). Currently he is
working as an actor too and seems like we’ll be able to see him more. He also appeared at the chanel show and showed us his stylish side.
He has a very cute looks so it’s maybe surprising but when he takes his
clothes off he is extremely muscular~. From what we heard, he exercises even when he already has hard dance lessons. That is why he is able to keep his body.
Also, his favorite sports is baseball. Mainly he only watches and he
never misses to watch the professional Korean baseball (when the team he cheers for loses he becomes moody).

source: ELLE online
trans: sharingyoochun.net+C3jj

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