27 May, 2010

[Pic] Tohomobile – XIAH Junsu

Because I love eeeet~!

XIAH junsu who made an appearance on FM Yokohama “tre-sen”!

We’re taking a picture of JunSu who loves the night view of Yokohama!



I think those who already checked the radio program already knew this, but “tre-sen” has a drawing corner ♪

JunSu-sensei* who was practicing his drawing skill before the real thing… please enjoy his beautiful drawings!!






He wants to draw a hippopotamus.

He failed at drawing the hippopotamus starting from the nose.


JunSu The Great Painter’s revenge

No way, he failed again? (T_T)
A pelican-ish hippopotamus…….



Hippopotamus completed!!!!!

JunSu The Great Painter’s drawing is very daring, isn’t it~☆


He wants to see you very much…!

Well then, guess what this is?

This seems to be “Tokyo Dome” ♪
JunSu is really looking forward to seeing everyone!

But, Jun-chan was able to draw no more than 3 human beings!! (LOL)


Perfect condition!!

XIAH junsu who’s making an appearance on “tre-sen”!!

His promotion talk looks fruitful. Today he’s also in best condition ☆


Correct ☆

This is the “Tap Dance” drawing by XIAH the great painter!

Since manager-san got it right, “Intoxication” would be on air again tomorrow ♪
JunSu-sensei is man who can achieve things when he needs to!!



Today is…

The release day for XIAH junsu’s “XIAH”!!!
Today XIAH is also working on his promotion vigorously ☆

Right now, he’s at bay fm ♪


Again and again…

XIAH who is full of thoughts looking from a skyscraper…!

I wonder what he’s thinking of…!?


During radio appearance!

He’s having a live appearance on bay fm “RADIO SURPRISE!!”

Moving forward on his release day, XIAH junsu giving a detailed explanation for his songs during his appearance!!



XIAH is cringing by the nonstop praises by DJ Kadowaki…!

Cringing XIAH… (LOL).



He is done for “RADIO SURPRISE!!”, his first radio appearance!

XIAH was deeply impressed by Kadowaki-san’s wonderful lead and her wonderful English!

Thank you very much!!


Looking up something…

During his break time until the next appearance, XIAH was looking up “What other mountains that can’t be climbed beside Aoyama”…!
(T/N: refers to JunSu’s famous oyaji gag, “Noborenai yama wa Aoyama” which means “The mountain that can’t be climbed is Aoyama (a neighborhood in Tokyo)”)



Believing in the lie “You can see Pusan’s port from here”, XIAH came running like a fire “Whatttt~!!!”…!


Oh my?

A mermaid is sitting by the curtain……!?


Next is…

He’s making an appearance on “BAYLINE GO! GO!”


Thank you very much!

He is done for “BAYLINE GO! GO!”, his second radio appearance!
Bazooka Yamadera-san, Sekina Mari-san, thank you very much!

*Sensei means “Master”

source: Tohomobile + linhkawaii
translation: linhkawaii @ OneTVXQ.com
credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!

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