16 May, 2011

[TRANS] Who Is The Domestic Writer Who Collected The Most Royalties In The First Quarter Of The Year?

‘Who is the domestic writer who collected the most royalties in the first quarter of the year?’

It was found to be Professor Kim Nando, writer of the best-selling book ‘It’s Youth Because It Hurts’, full of support for the youth in their 20s.

With the help of Yes24, we estimated the income of domestic writers, focusing on books newly released between January and April of this year. Publishers usually provide writers with ‘royalties’, the amount depending on how many copies of the book are sold, and writers are usually given 10% of all profits. Though the percentage changes depending on the writer’s popularity and the amount of participation the writer puts into the work, it has been found that writers are given an average of 10%. The sales numbers we have used to calculate the estimated income are numbers given to us by the publishing companies.


The book with the second highest income was JYJ’s ‘Their Rooms, Our Story (Yaedam/27,000KRW)’. According to the publisher, the book has sold 150,000 copies since its release in January and this estimates to royalties of 400 million Won. When it was released, the book was met with popularity so explosive that the publisher said, ‘We haven’t met a situation so unusual and surprising like this in the publishing industry since the release of Harry Potter.‘


Source: [clubcity]
Translated : dongbangdata.net
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