16 May, 2011

[TRANS] Player Oh Jaeyoung, of Nexen and Jaejoong’s friend, Tweets Jaejoong

Player Oh Jaeyoung is a player of Nexen and Jaejoong seems to have gone to the Nexen game today at least partly because of that. In any case, today he tweeted Jaejoong as follows–

Jaeyoung: Mr. Kim Jaejoong who paid a visit heh I am sorry to have gone/left early (after) meeting. (I hear) that you had a good time watching the baseball, thank you heh

Jaeyoung has actually tweeted about Jaejoong before– will Jaejoong ever come to the field to throw the “first ball”? These are from February—

Fan: Player Oh Jaeyoung, there won’t be an instance in which Hero Jaejoong comes to throw the first ball, right?!
Jaeyoung: Hehe I asked him but he said that he’s embarrassed to Hehe
Fan: Why is he embarrassed! Hehe I think it will be really awesome if after he throws the first ball he does a high five, bam, with Player Jaeyoung!
Jaeyoung: He’s under the impression that only girls throw the first ball (in games). I plan to ask him later once more later heh

Source: @Jaeyoung15
Translation Credit: JYJ3
Shared by: DBSKnights + c3jj

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