16 May, 2011

[TRANS] Kim Junsu-Jo Jung Eun Chosen As The 5th The Musical Awards’ Honorary Ambassadors

The 5th [The Music Awards], which will be held by the Korean Musical Association, Joongang Daily and jTBC on June 7th at the Sejong Arts Center, has chosen musical actors Kim Junsu and Jo Jung Eun as its honorary ambassadors.
Kim Junsu became a rising star in the musical industry, winning the Best Newcomer of the Year award last year at [The Musical Awards], and Jo Jung Eun has been in the center of the spotlight for showcasing a more mature and deeper style of acting after studying abroad in the UK.

Kim Junsu, who won the Best Male Newcomer Award for his first acting role in the musical [Mozart!], wowed audience members when he appeared on [Tears of Heaven], the hottest musical of the first half of 2011 with its Broadway staff and top-notch actors from Korea and abroad. Selling out all his performances and showing off his ticket power once again, Kim Junsu has shown a strong determination and desire to continue his career in the musical industry.


The Musical Awards began in 2007 and has grown along with the musical industry itself. Coming to its fifth year of existence, the awards ceremony is set to be a festival of celebration for representatives of the industry and audience members. An introduction from the honorary ambassadors, a list of nominees as well as further details for the awards ceremony will be revealed through an official press conference on May 12th.

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