03 May, 2011

[News] Jaejoong appearing at a baseball stadium, “crying and smiling.” Why did he come?

JYJ’s Hero Jaejoong appeared in a baseball stadium.
Hero Jaejoong came out sat in the audience seat on the 1st at Seoul Gamshil Stadium to see pro baseball match between LG Twins and Nexen Heroes. Hero Jaejoong is from the same elementary school as Nexen’s pitcher Oh Jaeyoung and has maintained his friendship [with Oh] for a long time. Jaejoong brought joy to fans with various changes in his expression–serious when Nexen was loosing and smiling widely when the game turned around. On this day, Nexen won against LG with [a score of] 10-9.

Source. Nate News
Translation by. withJYJ
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