30 April, 2011

[TRANS] 110425 Who Has The Best Skin In JYJ?

JYJ was recently interviewed on the afternoon of the 25th, at a cosmetic brand photo shoot by ENT's Entertainment Station - The Interview.

In the interview, the members unanimously agreed that Jaejoong had the best skin in JYJ. In response to this, Jaejoong said, with an embarrassed expression, "Even though it's kind of weird coming from me, but if my skin was bad - that'd be a big problem. However, it sounds like I'm justifying myself."

Furthermore, Junsu and Yoochun claims, "It's really smooth, no blemishes whatever. Even when there's a lack of sleep, it doesn't seem to affect his skin at all." Thus, proving that Jaejoong has naturally flawless skin.

When asked about his skin care routine, Jaejoong replies, "I don't really do anything special. I don't even have a dermatologist!" After hearing this, Junsu jokes, "Then it's naturally flawless! What is this?!" This sudden exclamation caused ripples of laughter in the room.

Source: [tv daily]+[tvxq baidu]
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