02 February, 2011

[Video+Trans] 110129 JYJ Lotte Premiere Talk Show in Seoul part 2

Lotte Premium Talk Show in Seoul
Jaejoong’s happy birthday song that Yoochun sings along with the fans and Jaejoong who wants water “Muljuseyo~”
MC: How is this? How do you feel?
JJ: As expected… Surprises are really great aren’t they!
JJ: Woow…thank you very much, thank you.
MC: Alright, so should we sit down now? The audience too
JJ: Ahh….we still haven’t gotten our water.
MC: Muljeseyo~ (T/N: Can we get some water please in Korean. The MC said it in Korean)
JJ&YC: Muljuseyo~
MC: Muljuseyo~
JJ: Mul-juseyo~
MC: I think they will bring it soon, if you don’t mind waiting a little bit.
MC: But honestly, your Japanese is really good!
JJ: Umm, you know we always hear this and usually ahhh… when we hear this we usually reply with “No, no” (T/N: “No,no” meaning they’re being modest and implying their Japanese is not that good)
JJ: “No, no”
MC: Okay, but in your heart how do you really feel?
JJ: “Yup, that’s me.” *laugh*
JJ: Haha, just joking.
MC: Today we really hope to hear some interesting stories from you. So you’ve now started your Premium Talk Show. Um, it’s already the new year 2011 but in Korea the new year is coming soon right?
JJ: Yes that’s right.
JS: Yes
MC: This year it’s February 3rd right?
JJ: Is it the 3rd??
MC: Yea, it’s the same as Chinese New Year right.
(T/N: Water arrives)
MC: Ah, everyone please go ahead and drink!
JJ: Sorry~
MC: Yes, so it’s been a month now since 2011 began..
credit: yuka6002
trans by: sharingyoochun.net

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