05 February, 2011

[TRANS] 110204 Tohoshinki in Sakigake

Credits: misa15xiah

Yunho & Changmin: Sakigake Ongaku Banduke Eight! (T/N: name of TV program)

MC: Good evening. I’m the announcer for Fuji TV, Rio Hirai. This week, we have a wonderful guest. Yunho-san and Changmin-san, the two members from Tohoshinki. Nice to meet you.
Y & C: Nice to meet you!
MC: Tonight, we would like to hear a lot of stories from the Tohoshinki members. Thank you in advance.
Y & C: Thank you.
MC: So again, tonight, Sakigake Ongaku Banduke Eight,
All: Start!

In this evening’s “Sakigake”, we will approach to Tohoshinki, who have at last restarted their activities. Sakigake single ranking No.1 is Why? (Keep Your Head Down), by Tohoshinki. The long awaited single for their restart of their activities is proudly ranked No. 1!

MC: So everyone, thank you for waiting. I’ll again like to introduce to all of you, the two members of Tohoshinki. I’m looking forward to today’s program.
Y & C: Thank you.
In 2004, with the name implying the meaning, “The gods rises from the east”,Tohoshinki has made their debut in their home country with 5 members. Dance, chorus, style, and character, all of them were blended together in high dimensions. Not only in Japan but the whole Asia was fired-up for their perfect entertainments. They have stormed many music charts and awards. 
In 2010, the group at their full career suddenly suspended their activities. There were voices throughout Asia wishing for Tohoshinki’s continuation. 
And, Yunho and Changmin restarted their activities in 2011. TOHOSHINKI! From the 2 members’ passionate thoughts toward Tohoshinki, they made up their mind to restart Tohoshinki’s activities. 
The audience was enthusiastic for Tohoshinki, who have made their comeback on stage after approx. one year.

Y: Good evening, 
Y & C: This is Tohoshinki!

The 2 members of the new Tohoshinki have shown their overwhelming performance. They have shown to the Japanese fans of their presence and power. 

MC: The SM Town Live in Tokyo was held a few days ago. The Japanese fans have really waited for so long, and I heard that the audience was full of squealing cheers.
Y: It was really passionate, yes.
MC: How did you feel in front of the fans after a long time?
Y: I was very happy, and everyone was cheering with all their might, so I felt, “Oh, this is the live stage” for the first time in many months.
C: Since it was a live concert in Japan for the first time in many months, I was a little bit nervous. But when we stood in front of the fans, we received power from them.
Y: Yes
C: And, I felt relaxed.
MC: Changmin-san, do you get nervous, too? 
C: Yes, I often get nervous.
MC: Are you the type who easily gets nervous?
Y: We get nervous, but we try to keep our faces calm, since we are professionals.
MC: Yes, that’s right.
Y: Yes
MC: With a poker face.
C: I am really a shy person.
Y: He is a poker-faced man.

The artists who belong to the same entertainment company and are popular in Korea have gathered together in SM Town LIVE in Tokyo!

MC: You were participating together with BoA-san and SNSD-san, how was the live concert?
C: So many artists like BoA-san and SNSD-san were together, we were together even with our colleagues who are not active in Japan, too. We felt honored that we were able to do such live stages in Japan. 
Y: Yes. 

Tohoshiki’s first song for their restart, the look awaited single is; Why? Keep Your Head Down. 

MC: Please tell us once again, what kind of song is this.
C: The song implies the wistfulness of a girl and a man who broke up, and the man’s feeling that he wants to overcome such feelings.
MC: Yunho-san, have you ever had those experiences?
Y: Yes, I have.
MC: Oh, you have! Isn’t that a bombshell?
Y: Do you have such experiences?
MC: Of course I have.
Y : Yes
MC: Please tell us of your favorite lyrics in Why?
Y: The repeat part “Nante nante nante” (T/N: the correct Japanese pronunciation is “Nande nande nande”. Yunho’s Japanese is super cute, lol.) I think that part is very attractive. 
C: The phrase “Aishita houno tsumika, kurushimu houno batsuka (T/N: Will loving be the crime? Or, the suffering be the punishment?) “ is especially impressive.
Y: I also think that the part which Changmin just said is good, too.
MC: Will you then change your favorite part?
Y: Yes, I will. 
MC: Please tell us what you two Tohoshinki are crazy about right now?
Y: We are hooked on iPads.
MC: Really?
Y: We have time when we are traveling, so we play games, listen to music, you can enjoy many things, so..
MC: What kind of games do you play?
C: A defense game called FIELDRUNNERS. We’re crazy about that.
Y: Yes, especially, Changmin is crazy about this game.
C: Yes. I am playing the game for about 80% of my time each day.
MC: So, you work for about 20%?
Y: Excluding our work time.
C: There are times when we travel, or during make-up time, those hours are rather long. I play games during such times, and that calculates up to 80%. 
Y: He has the power of concentration.

Today’s Sakigake, we will bring you the program together with Tohoshinki.

MC: The next corner is about the cute Mama Erina-san’s kitchen corner. She has gone out to find pretty and cute kitchen items. Let’s check them together.

Sakigake Cellular Phone Download ranking

MC: Why? (Keep Your Head Down), Tohoshinki. This week, it is all Tohoshinki. Not only the single ranking but the top ranking for the cellular phone downloads are also Tohoshinki! 

Did Tohoshinki drop the bombshell in the next corner?
(C: Nakama Yukie-san was very beautiful. )

MC: This week’s Sakigake, how was the program? Please watch Sakigake again next week, too. Bye-bye.
Y & C: Bye-bye. 

Source: misa15xiah @ youtube
Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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