31 January, 2011

[TRANS] 11030 Han Ji Min: I Want To Star Opposite A Male Idol

Actress Han Ji Min has expressed that she would like to star opposite an idol-born actor.

During an interview with Edaily on the 27th, which was the release of the movie "Detective K" (directed by Kim Suk Yoon), Han Ji Min said,"Recently, I watched the acting of idol members and I was surprised."

Up until now, Han Ji Min has always acted with older actors like Lee So Jin, Uhm Tae Woong and So Ji Sub in dramas as well as in this movie, with Kim Myeong Jin. Han Ji Min said, "In the past I learnt a lot about acting from actors who have an age gap with me and it was really fun, but now I want to try acting with younger actors."

This is especially so when she watched the acting of idol-born actors Taecyeon (2PM) and Yoochun (JYJ), which she thought was very well done.

Han Ji Min said, "From Cinderella's Sister and SungKyunKwan Scandal, I could see differences in their performances every time and I finally realized that there are, in a way, some similarities in singing and acting."

However, working aside, if she's looking for a lover, she prefers an older man.

Han Ji Min laughed, "Compared to someone who is of the same age, I'd prefer someone who is older."

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