31 January, 2011

[TRANS] 110128 Countless Fans Waiting For JYJ (Live At JYJ Music Essay "Their Rooms" Fanmeet)

The fanmeeting that was conducted for the release of JYJ's music essay "Their Rooms-Our Story", took place at KT Kyobo, Gwanghwamoon branch.

JYJ's special music essay was released in offline book stores on 24 January and solely based on pre-orders only, they already rose to the top of the book sales charts, becoming a hot topic instantly. This music essay consists of real stories by the JYJ members as well as 6 self-composed songs. Included in this book are diary entries written by the JYJ members during this time, self-composed songs, as well as photos of their daily lives.

The JYJ members expressed, "The self-composed songs recorded in this music essay are all Korean songs, so they hold even more meaning. Because it contains our own stories, we feel really happy that we're able to release it. This music essay consists of words that we want to say the most, as well as music that we wanted to compose the most. Every song is about our story, but the most meaningful thing about this album is that we can use it to express our true feelings to our fans."

Source: [NEWSEN + BaiduTVXQ]
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