18 January, 2011

[TRANS] 110118 Director Kim Chul Kyu: Choikang Changmin Has A Feel For Acting

Director Kim Chul Kyu of "Paradise Meadow" has not been stingy when it comes to praise for Shim Changmin, who is challenging acting for the first time.

On the afternoon of the 18th, a press conference was held for the new SBS Monday-Tuesday drama "Paradise Meadow". 

During the press conference, Director Kim Chul Kyu admitted that "in the beginning, there was a lot of worries".

Kim Chul Kyu said, "Every night I would ask him to come to the office for one to one practice", "acting skill isn't something that just comes as you wish, there are people who still can't grasp the feel of it even after 10 years", and "because it is Changmin's first time acting, there are also moments when he is at a loss for words, when he's unfamiliar, and even clumsy".

Director Kim Chul Kyu praised, "Thankfully Changmin has a lot of feel for acting and he was able to express himself naturally in a very short time", "the character is calm on the outside and passionate on the inside; which is really similar to him" and "he absorbed (the feel of) the role well".

Getting married at 19 followed by a lightening fast divorce; a love story about thick-skinned and rude youths, "Paradise Meadow" will air on the 24th as a follow up drama for "It's OK, Daddy's Girl".

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