11 January, 2011

[TRANS] 110110 JYJ, Dominating the Publishing Industry After the Music Industry?

Three-member group JYJ (JaeJoong, YooChun, and JunSu) are leading the music and publishing industry.

Their music essay and album "Their Rooms" has dominated the publishing market and the charts of major online booksellers within three days of releasing an advanced booking/sales. Last year, JYJ made a record of 520,000 sales of their album "The Beginning" worldwide.

The music essay includes songs introduced from last November's 'Worldwide Concert Seoul' - Mission, Pierrot, Fallen Leaves and songs which JYJ have composed and sang. A total of six new songs will be included in this album. It would also consist of photos during the concert and diaries for fans to write in.

Despite the difficulties and hardships which JYJ have suffered, fans are still waiting for this album. Wisdom House has reported that the pre-ordering of this album is on the stage where it's dominating every chart and the only time that this has happened before was for the Harry Potter series. This is the first unusual and surprising thing that they have experienced.

The JYJ members said, "The music essay is a present to the fans who have been waiting for us. All the honest feelings from the members are in there and we're happy to share this essay as a gift to all fans."

JYJ's album "Their Rooms" will be available in all major online bookstores. Those who have pre-ordered from overseas will have their copies shipped from the 17th onwards.

Source: The Daily Sports World
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