08 January, 2011

[TRANS] 101231 Artists To Look Forward To In 2011

Lee Seung Gi has been ranked first as the most anticipated star born in the year of the rabbit. Music site "monkey3" (www.monkey3.co.kr) began a survey running from the 22nd of December till the 29th. Out of the 817 participants, a staggering amount of 54% (442 participants) supported Lee Seung Gi as "No. 1" for the most anticipated star born in the year of the rabbit. 

In SBS drama "My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox", Lee Seung Gi's sweet acting, as well as participation in the emotional KBS2's "1 Night 2 Days" & "Strong Heart" has led him to explosively show his acting, variety, music and such skills. The public holds much hope for him in 2011 due to his many possibilities in a variety of areas. 

In second place is Big Bang's T.O.P, coming in with 22% (183 participants). The Big Bang member stands at the top of the music industry, and challenged acting and continues to spread his influence. In this year's movie "Into the Fire", he brought back a popularity award from the 47th Daejong Film Awards, and thus became an actor.

Next up is Brown Eyed Girls's Ga In, whose active in sitcom "All My Love" with 9% (70 participants) in third place. JYJ's Xiah Junsu who will be having a release early next year is in fourth place. Jang Geun Suk (4%, 35 participants) and Moon Geun Young (4%, 32 participants) who are both part of the currently airing KBS drama, "Mary Stayed Out All Night" are fifth and sixth respectively. 

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[TRANS] 110106 Xiah Junsu, The Hottest Star Born In The Year Of The Rabbit

To commemorate the new year of the rabbit, Xiah Junsu has been voted the most anticipated star born in the year of the rabbit.

WonJin Cosmetic Surgery Clinic held a survey from January 1st to January 5th with the title 'Who is the Celebrity born in the Year of the Rabbit who comes to mind when thinking of a rabbit?'

1540 people participated in the survey on the clinic's homepage and it was found that Xiah Junsu, born in 1987, won the polls with 841(54.6%) of the votes.

Following him was Moon Geun Young with 320(20.8%) votes, and Lee Seung Gi with 273(17.7%) votes. f(x) member Victoria, who is gaining popularity through her participation in 'We Got Married' came in fourth with 106(6.9%) votes.

Doctor Park Won Jin of the Won Jin Cosmetic Surgery Clinic stated, "The main characteristics of stars born in the year of the rabbit are their bouncy charm and cute appearance. I think JYJ's Xiah Junsu was chosen as the star most suited to the image of a rabbit as he has great looks, vocals and personality that resemble the rabbit, which symbolizes a fast and efficient mind."

Celebrities born in the year of the rabbit include Choi Ji Woo, Yoon Son Ha, and Lee Soo Geun who were born in 1975, and Moon Geun Young, Lee Seung Gi, Jang Geun Seok, Han Hyo Joo, Son Ga In, Xiah Junsu, Victoria and TOP who were born in 1987.

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