16 January, 2011

[NEWS] 110114 Kim Tae Hyun told TVXQ that they could be like him

Gagman Kim Tae Hyun revealed an embarrassed story while making an appearance on E Channel’s “Poker Face.”

He revealed that the event took place a few years ago while he was still an MC for suburban events. He came across a boy band that he thought were rookies, and in an effort to give them support and a boost of energy, he told them, “If you guys work hard, you’ll become like hyung (me) too.”

Kim returned to the stage and introduced TVXQ as the next line-up to the audience, and was shocked to find the same ‘rookies’ he met in the bathroom walking up on stage. He concluded, “After finding out that they were the boys I met in the bathroom, I couldn’t dare to lift my head!”

After hearing the story, other castmates on the show commented, “That could happen. TVXQ is always so respectful and well-mannered, they always greet everyone politely.”

The full episode can be seen through E Channel on January 15th.

Source: Everyday Economy via Daum, Seoul News via Daum
Credits: AllKpop
Shared by: DBSKnights + c3jj

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