10 January, 2011

[FANACCOUNT] 110110 TVXQ Mini Fanmeeting

At the fanmeet, Changmin was back to being his royal snarkiness with everybody…he must have been happy to finally be on stage again.
Yunho was greeting fans and Minnie didn’t say anything. When fans asked him to say something. He retorted that “Yunho hyung already said everything.” However, once he opened up his mouth, he was on a roll. When fans started getting too loud, he told them to “be quiet!” But after that, he told them he was just joking. Regarding the fans lining up overnight, he told them “We’re thankful for the support but if it was my child, I’d probably would have wanted to break your legs. Hurry up and go straight to the warm embrace of your family.”

When fans started shouting that they wanted to hear at least just one song, Minnie stated, “We’re singers who’s not good at live” “Go listen to the CD!” (or was this Yunho who said it?..guess the fan couldn’t remember). He’s even snarky with the staff (it just shows how close he’s gotten to them).

When they brought out a cake to congratulate their comeback with 5 written on it ( for their 5th album), he showed no signs of being touched by the cake, but then he said “This cake is okay but it’s so one-dimensional. The characters are so one dimensional. It’s holding fire and light.” (If you take a good look at the characters on the cake, there’s one supposed to be Yunho holding fire and one of Changmin holding light..parody of their MV). Minnie passed up on the cake to the end. He walked around with it a little bit and then passed it on to the staff saying, “Could you listen please. It looks heavier than it looks.”

The part the fan really liked:-

Cassies: Concert! Concert!

Min: We can’t make that decision. It’s not like we’re high-ranking officials. We don’t have (any) power.

Cassies: *burst out laughing*

Min: Oh, just because I said we don’t have power, don’t interpret it in a weird way and go around talking about it. [lmao this one is pure gold]

Cassies: *burst out laughing*

Min: It’s really annoying!

Cassies: *burst out laughing*

Trans by: lovelyunho@soompi
Shared by: DBSKnights + c3jj

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