27 December, 2010

[TRANS] 101227 HoMin - Popteen February 2011 Issue 'We're Like Family' Part 1

(T/N: This is the part of the interview that the boys did together. They were also interviewed separately. I'll have those translated asap.)

Please tell us about your activities over the course of 2010.
YH: My individual activities have included the commemorative show for Michael Jackson as well as my musical. After that I also took part in the web drama 'Haru'
CM: I was filming my television drama from January to June. Beyond that I've had a few magazine shoots and interviews.
YH: Besides that, the two of us took part in the SM Town Concert Tour in Korea, China and the US as TVXQ.

You'll be restarting your Japanese promotions in 2011, have you been enjoying your personal lives lately?
CM: Yes, we've gone bowling together every now and then.
Do the two of you attract a lot of attention when you go out together?
YH: Sometimes we'll go out with our manager as well, but people recognize us anyway. Most of the the time they'll just come over and greet us, so I don't really mind
CM: It bothers me because I tend to feel a little helpless whenever there's a crowd, so sometimes we'll just meet up and then do our own thing, but even then people know it's us.
YH: But it's nice with the two of us living together.

You've always lived together - have you ever fought?
CM: We'd be lying if we said we didn't quarrel (laughs), because we're so honest with one another, it's normal to fight.
YH: But recently we've gotten to understand each other better. If one of us sees that the other seems a little down, we'll stay away and observe for a while before asking what's wrong. We're like family, we don't always have to say things out loud to know that something is wrong.

What do you like about one another?
CM: I admire Yunho's passion for his job. He's very responsible and extremely professional. That is something I'd like to learn from him.
YH: Changmin is always very calm and composed. He's very manly, he doesn't get mad even when he's misunderstood, he'll listen to what someone else has to say before expressing his own thoughts. He really understands the people around him.
CM: Ah, thank you (embarrassed laugh)

Then what changes would you like to see?
YH: Changmin has really matured lately, he's seriously become an adult. I can't see much that necessitates change.
CM: Me neither. I used to hate the way Yunho always messes up his room (laughs), but we sleep separately now, so I don't mind so much anymore.
YH: I really did used to have a messy room, but I make an effot to keep it tidy nowadays.

What do the two of you talk about besides work?
YH: A lot. We talk about the future.
CM: And we confide in one another.
YH: Usually we just joke around with one another, those are the only times when we're serious.

Do you talk about girls?
YH: Sometimes. We talk about when we want to get married and about girls we see on a day to day basis. Sometimes we'll be like "ah that girl, she's cute' things like that.

While we're on this topic, (I've) heard that the two of you really admire Yukie Nakama?
CM: We met her at Kohaku. We both really like her, she's a lot prettier than we had imagined.
YH: No no, that's not it. Please don't misunderstand (laughs). What Changmin means is that we always thought she was a beautiful woman but seeing her in person made us realize she was even prettier than we'd imagined.
CM: Yeah that's what I meant. Yunho always knows exactly what I'm thinking.

(Laughs) Could you tell us about your goals for 2011?
YH: 2010 was a turbulent year and so 2011 will be a year of never-ending progress. We want to work hard to show everyone charisma that belongs to the two of us alone. We've prepared a lot, please look forward to it.

Charisma that belongs to the two of you alone, what do you mean by that?
CM: We're both very tall.
YH: Yeah we are quite tall (laughs). But our singing is also part of our appeal. Changmin's a tenor and I'm more of a bass, but our voices blend beautifully one another. We're also quite different in terms of our personalities, so we get along very well.
CM: Personality-wise, if Yunho were fire, I'd be water.
YH: We swap according to the situation. When Changmin is alight, I'm usually quite calm. We change roles very naturally.
CM: Since it's been just the two of us, we've gotten along better than we had expected, won't this help us showcase our charisma better?

Ah so that's how it is. Would you like to conclude by greeting the readers of Popteen?
CM: We will work hard so we can show you who we truly are after new year. Please look forward to it!
YH: We will continue to grow and progress. Please walk through year 2011 with TVXQ!

Credits: yoonhobar + u-knowbar + Popteen
Trans by: dorfehh@DBSKnights

Shared by: DBSKnights + c3jj

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