17 December, 2010

[TRANS] 101216 Why was JYJ's Appearance on TV Shows Rejected

TVXQ trio JYJ was forbidden to appear on TV shows…why?

According to some reports, Kim JaeJoong, Park YooChun and Kim JunSu (JYJ), the trio from TVXQ’s request to appear on a recent TV program was rejected.

A staff revealed that JYJ was set to perform during KBS 2TV’s live broadcast of the 31st Blue Dragon Film Awards on the 26th of November. Songs to be performed were also verified and approved by KBS a week before the actual day.

Although the verification was made before the release of their album, JYJ got the approval only one month after the release of their album in October. According to KBS, the verification results were released on the 24th of November, and 7 songs from JYJ including their hit single, Empty, were qualified to be broadcasted.

But JYJ’s performance was cancelled. The reasons given were due to the lawsuit between JYJ and SM Entertainment which has not ended as well as the result of the official letters sent out by the Korean Federation of Pop Culture and Art Industry (KFPCAI) to all public and cable broadcasting stations, and also the responses from various pop culture related bodies (with SM Entertainment). Hence, inviting JYJ to appear on the show would be an extremely difficult task.

Not only is there the 31st Blue Dragon Film Awards issue, as JYJ has already released their album for nearly 2 months, their music has still not been broadcasted on TV or radio stations. Many fans commented on the message boards of the various major broadcasting stations, requesting them to play JYJ’s songs which have not be played even though the album has been released.

A staff commented and said that if JYJ does not solve their existing problems with SM Entertainment as soon as possible, they may face more difficulties to carry out their future activities. He said that many agencies have the same mindset as KFPCAI, which is to strictly forbid and prevent a same incident from happening again.

JYJ filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment’s exclusive contract last year in July. They debuted under the name of ‘JYJ’, and with the release of their first album, they held showcases but have not appeared on TV programs even once as their activities are being hindered.This is the rest of the post

Source: TVXQBaidu
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