28 December, 2010

Fan letter for TVXQ 7th Anniversary

A Singaporean Cassie wrote a lovely fan letter for DBSK's 7th anniversary.
spread the dong bang love~
Hello world, I hope you're listening.
Forgive me if I’m young or speaking out of turn,
But there’s someone that I’ve been missing
And I think that they could be the better half of me.
They’re out there, trying to make it right,

But I’m tired of justifying so I say to you,

The fight for you is all I’ve ever known,
So be strong.

No one told us that one day we’d fall so hard for you, that years later we’d still be here.
No one told us we’d end up thinking about you, so often a smile played upon our lips.
No one told us you’d teach us to be strong, to love, and to fight back.
No one told us you’d make us proud the way you do.
No one told us we would become this selfish, caring for words only we wanted to hear.
No one told us we would become a burden to you because we forget you’re still human.
No one told us that a little part of us would die everytime you faked a smile.
No one told us you could set our hearts on fire the way you do.

No one told us this journey was going to be so hard and that we’d fight so fiercely to protect you.
No one told us some of our friends would leave because they couldn’t take the pain
(although we were there to tell them you were going through so much more.)
No one told us we’d have to go through all these rollercoaster rides of emotions day in and day out just for you.
No one told us it’d be worth it, but it was.
No one told us all this would happen, that we’d feel this way for five people we might never get to meet.
But we know we’d relive all this pain for you even if we were born again, because we’d rather choose pain than to have never met you.

They call us obsessed, crazy, delusional.
But why does it hurt so much more when they call you outdated, too far gone, an old memory?
Trying to make them understand is the hardest thing to do when words don’t come close.
You’re not just someone we look up to with love and respect and admiration; it’s the fact that you took us in and allowed yourself to be our refuge through your music that made a difference, the fact that somehow we feel indebted towards you for changing something in us, the fact that this pride we have for you will probably never end.
Words like 5-1=0, that’s a lie. You will never fall to nothing, even if you’ve to stand alone. Even if the stage looks empty, we’ll hold the spaces for you. Even if you don’t come back as 5, no one is going to stop us from being your red ocean.
We’ve everything to lose but if we don’t fight for it, we’ll never know what it’ll feel like to finally win.

You are DongBangShinKi and we are your Cassiopeia ♥

It’s been seven years and all these seven years,

You made us feel like flying on days we couldn’t stand up.
You made us stronger individuals and taught us how music could remedy pain.
You made us realize how far dreams could take us without losing sight of the important little things.
Even though I was only there for you slightly less than half of those seven years, I feel as though you’re a part of who I am. Your dedication overcame criticism, hardships and language barriers and it gave me reason to believe that risks are meant to be taken, and dreams are meant to be lived. Your music doesn’t just touch the heart; it comforts it and opens it up to real life. It allowed me to find tiny hidden doors and explore perceptions.
But the one little thing that convinced me to stay put is that invisible string that holds you together; that even with words unspoken, separate journeys don’t equivalate to broken ties, that everything you’ve been through as five will not dissolve so simply. That same little thing made me fall for you.

I’m a Cassie because there’s nothing else I’d rather be.
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