08 November, 2010

[Fanaccount] 101107 JYJ 'The Beginning' Showcase in Shanghai

First of all, I still didn’t get a ticket until yesterday. They didn’t release the $280 tickets. Finally I got tickets!
I was going to meet up with a friend at 4, she had followed them to the hotel. Because of our height, we decided not to wait in the lobby. It was about 5~6 at that time
As we were walking closer to the hotel, a police car came from behind us, and behind it was a car. The car stopped in front of the hotel, there weren’t many guards…
Then, the luckiest thing in my life happened. We got closer to the car, and I looked through the windows and saw Jaejoong’s smooth hair. He was sitting on the left side. It must be them!! At that time, there weren’t many fans around. I planned on getting closer to the car, but Jaejoong started getting out. My friend started screaming and I ran forward. I saw! I saw! Jaejoong, so close! I probably screamed but can’t remember if I scared them or not. I didn’t care if my Korean was good enough and screamed “재중”!! Then Junsu’s hot red head poked out, so bright and red! So I screamed “준수”. At that that time my heart was complete! My tears came out!
The show began at 8 sharp, everyone’s scream is really impressive, I was sitting up high and felt the entire venue would erupt!

They sang 3 songs first, Empty? Be my girl? Be the one? Oh, my memory!! Yoochun’s new haircut is really refreshing.

Then they brought on stage 6 chairs, there were a guy and a girl host, the female host’s style was high, haha! They made everyone shout JYJ and their individual names, after counting down from 10, they changed and came out.
The three of them said together “we are JYJ” and then introduced themselves. Then the host sstarted asking questions … (My memory is mixed up) first asked about the new album and related situation, about the peopel they worked with and stuff. They introduced their new songs. Then asked them because its English, is it hard to express the meaning when singing?

The host asked us if we knew Ayyy Girl lyrics meaning. It means that inside everyone’s heart there is a goddess, but when you really meet her she would be different than dreamed? Cassiopeia is the “goddess’ in their heart!!!
The host asked them if they produced the album in America, they said it was half America half Korea.
They also talked about their solo works. The host asked them about the songs, how its sad love songs, are those related to their real life experiences? After some discussion, together they said Junsu’s is based on real life experience, Jaejoong’s is all imagination!!
They also talked about how it felt coming to China, I think Junsu said he always sees us welcoming them enthusiastically, very touched. Yoochun said there were a lot of beauties here~~ He also said, when he is 40, he hopes his daughter is as pretty as everyone! At this time Jaejoong and Junsu turned around laughing. Host asked them if they would come to China and find a girlfriend. After a while, the two let Junsu speak, and Junsu said in Chinese “很好!!” (T/N: very good)
Then there’s a question asking them to perform their favorite pose. Junsu did his classical move.

Jaejoong used the microphone as camera, he knelled on one knee, acting cool in front of the camera!
Yoochun sat at his seat, raised his eyebrow at the camera. The host said it was to easy and that we wouldn’t be satisfied. so Yoochun ran to Jaejoong’s side, using Jaejoong as stage prop and make a super cute expression!!

Then the host asked us if we know Jiji and Vik! Of course we do!! haha!
Jaejoong talked about their recent situation, and ended with, they grew and became not cute anymore!
The hose asked Jaejoong if he liked Jiji or Vik better. Then fans shouted Yunho’s name and the whole venue erupts again, everyone screaming it!! Jaejoong blushed hahaha!! After blushing, he said he likes Jiji, because Jiji is smaller than him, and Vik is really big!

Then the host said their relationship is really good and could the imitate each other. The three of them were really shy, didn’t do anything at first. then after a little, Yoochun imitated Jaejoong and Junsu’s laughs. Jaejoong’s laugh with his hand covering his mouth and Junsu throwing his head back laughing!! Very very much like them!!

They were asked what kind of stage do they feel the best on and could they act it out, I can’t remember the question that clearly, but the important thing is Jaejoong’s answer! He said, We stood on the state for 6 years, you all must be very clear about that!!
He said 6 years! 6 years! He is really cares…… It’s almost 7 years.

This is all I can remember from this part of the showcase
After the host left, they sang Found You, Ayyy Girl, and Empty? Another time? I can’t remember! they led us jumping! Yoochun shouted something like Stand Up! So high!!
At the end, they left the stage…

At this time, some fans left… to follow their car???
They showed Ayyy girl MV, even though our boys were done performing, but the screaming persists. This is our strength!! After finishing the MV, I felt a little more understanding about the “goddess” part.
Without them, our world will collapse!
Or… without us, their world would collapse?
Even thou this is a small showcase, even though the time was short, we didn’t get to hear their solo songs. But because of different aspects, their smiling faces, fans’ support. I’m satisfied!!

credit: shenqinina@baidu

Trans by: Sharingyoochun.net
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